Some incidents will lock you with fear, And some will free you from it. What matters is.. One gives you wounds And the other gives ways to heal it.


Like driving along a bumpy road and losing control of the steering wheel, tossing you, just a tad, off the road. The wheels kick up some dirt, but you’re able to pull it back. Yet no matter how hard you try to drive straight, something keeps jerking you to the side. You have so little…


Every heart’s a hurricane, Each soul a starlit sea Every mind’s a meteor, Unbound by gravity Everybody’s wishing They could learn to tame their tide, When nothing more than nature, Is what’s echoing inside.

A tale as old as time

Love had never been declared to her so guilelessly, so unreservedly. The future Didn’t matter and the past held only this wisdom that love was a damaging mistake,and it’s accomplice, hope, a treacherous illusion.

Happy New Year 2018

My wishes to you for 2018 … May your life becomes, All that you want it to. And you find some reasons, For things you love to do. May you never need to carry, More than what you can hold. And your smile doesn’t fades, Even when you get wrinkle folds. May you be safe,…


The thing about pain, Is it won’t last forever, And it kills you right now, But with time it gets better. The thing about scars, Is they all start to fade, Untill nothing is left, Of the cuts that were made. The thing about today is there’s always a tomorrow, And if you can’t find…

Unknown Feelings

She reminisces a love unknown A seed which has never been sown!! The kiss that is yet to be shared Those lips left unflavoured!! Eyes that have never met An unsettling fire to be set!! Hands wrapped around the wrist And a warm hug persist!! Arms which feels like home She wonder why she miss…


I been trying a long long time To write some perfect lines What i want is hard to find No cliches no tired rhymes But words turn on me hard As i try every single time!! Hand full of cuts Mind full of chaotic sounds Wish this ink filled the pages With words unfound!! So…


                         “Behind the lines”